Specialists in health, care and wellbeing

From specialist hospital units to residential care, high-tech gyms to community sport, the health and fitness of the nation is now a top priority for national and local government, embracing every aspect of health and wellbeing, at every stage of life. Managers in public and private sectors alike need to provide quality services in buildings that are cost-efficient to construct and sustainable to run. Whitescape understands the operational demands of the healthcare environment, the legal requirements and regulatory criteria, and the economics of occupancy, energy efficiency, or maintenance costs. Our experience of ‘live’ environments means we know how to plan and work around operational needs, minimising disruption to building users, and occupants and staff.

Responding to the diabetes epidemic

Transforming the heart of the hospice

Managing ‘live site’ alterations

Kitchen upgrade, service as usual

Building the Olympic legacy

Keeping our NHS hospitals running