In 2015, it was estimated that at least 350,000 new primary and 400,000 new secondary places would be needed by 2022. Local authorities face the twin challenges of creating additional physical space in new or existing buildings, and making that space work as hard as possible to deliver the government’s educational targets: all against a background of teacher shortages and financial constraint.

Maximising the potential of buildings

New schools are only part of the formula for extra classroom space. Within existing schools, creative and cost-effective construction approaches can bring much needed new capacity on stream fast. Extensions, refurbishment or reconfigured layouts can make space work harder, accommodating more pupils without loss of facilities. Construction projects needs to deliver buildings that meet the growing demand with intelligence and sustainability.

Optimising the teaching environment

Schools expansion is not just about more buildings: it’s about an effective learning environment that optimises the efficiency of skilled teachers and their assistants within the space available. That principle applies equally to the project itself, not just the final result. Term-time construction, often a necessity, must work around the needs of staff and pupils, protecting them from adverse impacts and ensuring that educational schedules and priorities always come first.

Educational performance at every level

Securing the best project outcomes, in terms of both financial viability and educational quality, calls for specialist understanding. Whitescape has worked extensively in the state sector and has shown how construction projects can combine economic sense with educational excellence. Our intelligent approach and innovative construction methods can open up a whole new range of options and unlock the full potential of every project.

The Whitescape approach

Our goal in every school project is to achieve the optimum use of allocated funds, to create the best possible building for its occupants and, in doing so, to surpass all expectations. We combine the enduring values of build quality and customer service with a contemporary and intelligent approach that is capable of transforming everyday spaces into something out of the ordinary.