Estimator – Civil Engineering

Key role in our new London office for an energetic, experienced and ambitious estimator to help build Whitescape’s Civils business across Greater London and the South East. What is the role? This job will be part of a start-up team working to get competitive tenders out to prospects from our newly established office in central London. You’ll be managing and progressing multiple opportunities valued at up to £2m, in a very busy operation currently submitting on average three tenders a week. You will take over full responsibility for ensuring that tenders for every bid are [...]

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Setting Out Engineer – Civil Engineering

Key role in our new London office for an energetic, experienced and confident young setting-out professional to work on Whitescape’s Civils business across Greater London and the South East. What is the role? This job will be part of a start-up team working to expand Whitescape’s newly established civil engineering office in central London. We are currently tendering for multiple projects at values up to £2m and anticipate a fast-growing and potentially very challenging workload as contracts are secured. You will undertake the initial setting out for each of our sites and then provide full [...]

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Performance Beyond Compliance

At Whitescape, we are passionate about running our sites safely, smartly and with consideration for all. So we’re proud to receive our first Considerate Constructors award, recognising Performance Beyond Compliance at our Supported Living Project in Reading. The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non-profit-making, independent organisation, founded in 1997 by the construction industry to enhance the image of building sites in general, and to improve their impact on the public, the workforce and the environment. Construction sites, companies and suppliers who voluntarily register with the Scheme agree to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice, [...]

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Social housing: the challenges

Local authorities and their procurement partners in framework agreements are at the heart of their local communities, working across a wide range of housing projects to deliver homes in the quantity and to the quality needed to serve their cities or regions. Whitescape is currently working with Portsmouth City Council as principal contractor on three separate four-year frameworks. Collaborative frameworks help to reduce cost across this large public sector estate, not least by developing and sharing best practice. It also speeds up time to market, as a 12-week OJEU procurement process can be reduced to [...]

August 30th, 2016|Categories: News, Residential|

Who really cares what shoes Theresa May wears?

The 11th July 2016 marked the appointment of Britain’s second female Prime Minister in history: Theresa May. A momentous occasion and great achievement for both Mrs May and for the UK, one would think. Yet, when her first day as Prime Minister arrived, the social importance of appointing a woman Prime Minister, let alone the policies her new cabinet would bring, were overshadowed in the media by depicting something completely irrelevant - the shoes she chose to wear. The fact that they opted to focus on and print a photo of her kitten-heels – an [...]

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Building the Olympic legacy

Sport England is focused on the delivery of a mass participation legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Inspired Funding programme invests National Lottery and Exchequer funding in organisations and projects that increase capacity at clubs and attract a greater diversity of people to take up sport. Whitescape is working in partnership with Sport England through a four-year framework to design and build these new facilities. The framework is unique in that the contractors employ the professional team directly including feasibility reports, project management and administration, cost management, design and CDM responsibility. [...]

August 10th, 2016|Categories: Healthcare, News|

Working at the heart of an occupied school

When construction and engineering work has to continue during term time, we take immense care to protect staff and students from any impact. We plan the work to suit the school’s operations, develop detailed phasing programmes, exercise tight progress control, and maintain constant communication with all stakeholders. We are meticulous about health and safety, site management and security, noise and dust containment, and employee behaviour. Above all, we use all our own resource except for specialised tasks. Some examples of how we work in 'live' environments At Kempshott Junior School, Basingstoke, we built an extension to [...]

July 28th, 2016|Categories: Education, News|

Brexit and construction – the big questions

Everyone is asking questions about how Britain will look post-Brexit. At Whitescape our biggest questions are about the future of the UK construction industry – and what we need to do to be successful in the new era. Will construction investment falter? The construction industry is cyclical - when the economy performs, construction performs. Post-Brexit uncertainty could reduce investment in both the private and the public sector markets. House builders may put off developments until certainty resumes, and the government may hold back on infrastructure projects until our divorce from the EU is final. That [...]

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Theresa May – good news for construction?

The swift appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister has allowed the UK to experience a much needed reduction in the uncertainty created by Brexit, compared to a potential long drawn out election process, which would only add to it. The new cabinet Theresa May has undertaken a considerable reshuffle of the cabinet, with new ministers for sectors that are important to Whitescape: education and business, whilst Jeremy Hunt still remains as health secretary. Their policies and the way they want to take their sectors forward could have an effect on our industry. Whitescape is [...]

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New Eton rooms pay back in one year

Eton College is one of the UK’s leading independent schools, with around 1300 pupils, all full boarders. Westbury House is a home from home to around 50 boys, each having his own study-bedroom as a private space. Whitescape converted the loft of the Grade-II listed building to create five new rooms, and also built an extension. The additional fees generated by these rooms covered the project investment in just one year. Complete in 10 weeks The project had to be completed from start to finish in the ten-week summer holiday, while the building was unoccupied. There [...]

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